“Dissorted kills it on their first piece of studio recording! […] DISSORTED seems as if it was costumed-built for those who simply love the classic Thrash and the Bay Area scene of old! If you haven’t gone into a full-out rage in awhile then “I” will have you thrashing like a maniac like it was 1980 something all over again! And thank God for that! But, what exactly does it taste like I hear you asking? Well, this deadly-potent (it’s got a high alcohol count after all!) home-brew brings to a boil the likes of Overkill, Testament, Exodus, Megadeth, “Kill ‘EM All”-era Metallica, Death Angel, Whiplash, Forbidden, Rigor Mortis and Vio-lence before bottling it all up and letting it age to perfection!” – Heavy Metal Time Machine 10/2014

“Dissorted drink straight from the pure roots of thrash metal fountain, the technical instrumental offers a strong and straight feeling unveiling drippings of giants like Exodus or Testament. […]This first job by Dissorted unveil the true thrash metal road to be followed in future works, for now they must be proud of this record, the production is great and for sure every thrash metal maniac will bang his/her head playing it loud, brilliant!” – Metalheads Union 10/2014