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21/10/2023 United Metalheadz Night Train Massacre, LOK Freimann, Munich with Egoist and Daisy Cutter
17/06/2023 Feierwerk Trafixx, Munich with Craving for Chaos and JD Unplugged
10/03/2023 Sunny Red, Munich Chaos Thrash Zone with Red to Grey and Processor
08/02/2020 Thrash Connection 2020, Rockfabrik Bad Friedrichshall with Drawn by Evil, Out of Order and Cockroach
15/11/2019 Schwarzer Adler, Tannheim with Human Destroyer, Sacrifice In Fire and Al-Quatholica
08/11/2019 Cordobar, Germering with Crail
14/09/2019 Hellpower Party, Oldenburg with Ironflame, Morty Pilot and Lacerate
16/11/2018 Altes JUZ Vis-a-vis, Freising with Rapture and No God Innocent
27/10/2018 Magazin4, Bad Reichenhall Support for Sacarium – and Metallica for all
12/10/2018 Iconclash 2018, Ingolstadt with Sinister Icon, Boats and Prior the End
06/07/2018 Legends Lounge, Olching with Skyborn and Ravenfield
14/10/2017 Amper Slam Band Battle, Fürstenfeldbruck with Tell The Devil, Acht Bier später, Fudge and Queener
15/09/2017 Cordobar, Germering with Crail
26/01/2017 8below, Munich Death vs. Thrash III with Combustion, Battlecreek and The Course is Black
21/01/2017 Hexenhaus, Ulm Death vs. Thrash II with Combustion, Battlecreek and The Course is Black
07/01/2017 Bergwerk, Bad Aibling with The Course is Black
17/12/2016 Ballonfabrik, Augsburg with Total Annihilition, Beerhammer and Beerslayer
26/11/2016 MTS, Oldenburg “Night of Power” with Attic and Shadowbane
29/10/2016 EastSide, Bad Reichenhall with Soulful
05/03/2016 BlackBox, Rosenheim with The Course Is Black, Battlecreek and Combustion
17/12/2015 8below, Munich with Skullwinx, Code Orange and Sinister Icon
11/12/2015 Furchtbar, Ingolstadt with Code Orange, Sinister Icon and Prior the End
05/09/2015 Rattle House, Bruckmühl with The Course Is Black
21/08/2015 Florinsmarkt, Koblenz with Dubiosis and Corova
12/06/2015 Soundcafe, Munich with Cyrence and White Mantis
09/05/2015 The Liverpool, Valenciennes (FR) with Death Agony and Power Fuel
07/03/2015 Juze, Landsberg am Lech with Craving for Chaos and Godmachine
31/01/2015 Treff 9, Heidenheim with Demons Dream and Craving For Chaos
28/11/2014 Garage, Munich with Broken Fate, Mynded, Defated
22/11/2014 Tribühne, Munich with Deathstruck and Egoist
06/09/2014 Hellpower Party, Westerstede  with Speedbreaker, Morty Pilot and BitterPiece
30/04/2014 Tribühne, Munich Darkness Over StuSta with I Set Fire and Awakening Sun
26/10/2013  JamClub, Koblenz with Intöxicated, Secutor and Obsession
27/07/2013 Garage, Munich with James Rivera’s Sabbath Judas Sabbath, Scavanger and Nator
11/05/2013 Sunny Red, Munich Chaos Thrash Zone with Zodiac Ass, Cyrence and Majoris
16/03/2013 Lokschuppen, Rosenheim Revolution Contest
23/11/2012 Soundcafe Munich with Killing Age, Cyrence and Renegade
26/10/2012 Next Level, Taufkirchen Noise Night II with Toxic Waltz and Entera
29/06/2012 Rock City, Karlsfeld Grill ‘Em All II with Nator and Black Blitz
25/04/2012 8below, Munich with Saeculum Obscurum and Public Grave
25/02/2012 Feierwerk Munich Heavy Winter Storm Festival 2012
18/11/2011 Soandcafe, Munich with Combustion, Enkranius and Into Oblivion
01/07/2011 Rock City, Karlsfeld with Nator and Orange Code
29/01/2011 Jugendzentrum, Buchloe Localvision Band Contest
17/12/2010 Rock City, Karlsfeld with Chrome Fist and Infinum
10/12/2010 Loft, Munich Munich Metal Madness
03/12/2010 Titty Twister, Munich with Bale
13/11/2010 Jugendzentrum, Landsberg with Toxic Waltz, Trollwut, Ablated Mind and Enddarm
12/06/2010 Titanic City, Munich with StormHammer and Infinum
14/05/2010 Soandcafe, Munich MucKing 2010
09/01/2010 Backstage, Munich with Grap and Herzparasit
21/11/2008 Friendship, Laufen with Heavy Mörtl
18/06/2008 Feierwerk, Munich with Rippoff and Rampage Inc.
29/05/2008 Keller Club, Munich Nu Noizes Festival
15/09/2007 Seildvilla, Munich Streetlife Festival
02/06/2007 Lokschuppen, Rosenheim Flausch Festival
24/02/2007 TSV Halle, Freilassing with Katapher, Lucky Strikes Back, Schilcher
26/01/2007 No Limit, Bad Reichenhall with Pirate Radio Station
21/10/2006 Magazin 4, Bad Reichenhall Newcomer Festival 2006
19/03/2005 Ignition Bar, Karlstein with Varicose Vein
27/11/2004 Haus der Jugend, Bad Reichenhall with Black Snowflake
29/10/2004 Magazin 4, Bad Reichenhall Newcomer Festival 2004
05/09/2004 Baamhakke, Piding with Optical Illusion